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With everything I do on this quest to better health, I understand that I am to keep everything under the umbrella of God's authority. The scriptures teach that "His divine power has given to us ALL THINGS that pertain to life, and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue..." (2 Peter 2:3). 

This scripture is my anchor as I continue to learn and raise awareness to those who wish to hear.

May these articles assist you in your quest and may you always bring EVERYTHING back to the Author and Perfecter of our faith- the Lord Jesus Christ. To Him be glory and power for ever, AMEN!

Heather McPherson, CECP

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a broad term used to describe a variety of holistic healing techniques that use the natural mind-body connection to promote emotional and physical wellbeing. By accessing, channeling, balancing, and manipulating the body’s natural energy centers, energy healing processes can help increase healing and support health.

While practices vary in methods and techniques, each is based on the idea that every aspect of the body is intimately connected and that by connecting the subconscious and conscious, the whole body can be engaged to promote healing, health, and wellbeing. Unlike the prescription medications and invasive surgeries of conventional medical practices, energy healing combines powerful physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to aid in natural healing.

Types of Energy Healing

The types of energy healing are virtually endless. There are, however, several methods of energy healing that are prominently used by practitioners across the globe to help patients maintain better health. These methods include:

Methods based on Muscle testing

Initially used in the 20th century to measure muscle weakness in polio patients, this practice is presently used in over 70 different techniques by more than one million practitioners worldwide. Practitioners initiate muscle testing by asking a definitive question and then gauging the positive and negative muscle response. Is believed that a strong muscle response indicates a “yes” or positive answer, while the weak muscle response indicates a “no" answer. By querying the nervous system in this way, energetic imbalances can be found and eliminated quite efficiently.

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Magnetic Healing

Magnets are used to release trapped emotions that are causing ailments while at the same time increasing blood flow, improving flexibility, building muscle strength, and relaxing and lengthening the body’s muscles and soft tissues. As outlined in The Emotion Code, magnetic healing is typically implemented after identifying trapped emotions, when practitioners pass a magnet over the Governing Meridian in the patient’s body three times, or over themselves if they are acting as proxy. When combined with the healing intentions of the practitioner, this practice fills the body with magnetic energy which helps release and transform the trapped emotional energy. Because the body functions on principles of bio-magnetic energy, muscle testing can be used as a means of connecting with the subconscious mind to identify the energies and emotions that are governing physical, mental, and emotional afflictions.

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Chakra Balancing

Chakra, or wheel in Old Sanskrit, refers to the energy life force that moves inside the human body. When balanced, the body’s seven chakras channel optimal energy levels to every connected aspect of the mind, body, and spirit. Unbalanced chakras, or energy that’s spinning too quickly, however, typically has negative effects on the body’s health. 

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How Trapped Emotions Cause Chakra Imbalance

In the holistic community, the phrase trapped emotions is commonly used to describe any unconscious emotional energies which exist as a result of intense or traumatic emotional events that have not been fully processed and released from the body or mind. When emotional energy like this becomes trapped, the various organs or glands in the body are often the victim. Because each of the seven chakras correlates with an organ in the body, when an emotion becomes trapped in a body organ, it causes an unbalanced flow of energy through the chakra. As discussed in the previous section, eventually the tension of the trapped emotion begins to cause physical pain, uneasiness, drastic emotional changes, and depression. Thankfully, through energy healing methods like muscle testing and chakra balancing, these emotions can be identified, processed, and extinguished from the body, restoring a healthy, balanced chakra system.

Holistic Health

The path of holistic health reaches back to ancient times before writing or keeping records even existed. Ancient peoples looked at human health as resulting from a balanced combination of a healthy mind, body, heart, and spirit.

It is this aspect of history that gave the term holistic healing its name; the word holism is defined by the theory that parts of a whole are so intimately connected, they cannot exist independently nor can they be understood without reference to the whole. Furthermore, when it comes to medicinal terms, holism refers to treating the whole person and, instead of solely considering the physical symptoms of a disease or illness, practitioners also take into account the mental, emotional, and social factors that might also be contributing to the patient’s ailments.

Today, several thousand years after historians believe holistic medicine planted its roots, this form of medical practice has withstood the test of time, despite attempts to discredit holistic healing practices and doubting believers in Western medicine. Perhaps one of the most effective and commonly practiced methods of holistic medicine in this day and age is that of energy healing.

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